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M.A(Economics & English), B.Ed.

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It’s my immense pleasure to work with Narayana Group as a principal for concept school at Kukatpally housing board since 2005.
Our school is entirely different from others in many aspects; especially care and attention taken on every child from bottom to top level by an effective administration staff along with the concern teachers and floor incharges .I am proud of my teachers who are working dedicatedly for the school. The result we achieved for the last three years from 2006-07 to 2008 – 09(all first classes in X –class) shows the dedication and care taken by the staff as well as the administration. Facilities that we have provided to the children are spacious class-rooms with good ventilation 1.Transportation is provided to all the students who come from the interior parts  of the city and  distant places.

2.Encouraging children to take part in all kinds of competitive exams like ,Brain twisters, NTSE, Eduranet, Unified Council, SIMO,SIPHO,SISO,SICO ,etc.,

3.Cultural activities like Dance, Music, Yoga, games and sports, art and craft are inculcated based on individual interest. With the above qualities I feel proud of my school as a group of Narayana.

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